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Double Shot Security was founded by Merike Kaeo to offer worldwide IPv4 and IPv6 network security consulting services to both vendors and end-users. Based on a systematic approach of education, analysis and design, the company helps vendors create valuable product strategies and end-users architect effective network security solutions.

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November 2003, Cisco Press    

July 2006   

The first edition of the book was completed in May 1999 and was the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of network infrastructure security. The second edition provides enhancements to include security issues relevant to wireless and Voice over IP infrastructures. Although the first 8 chapters are vendor agnostic, the last chapters on implementation examples are all based on Cisco devices and syntax.

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This white paper was written for the NAv6TF and enumerates the security advantages which are relevant in today’s IPv6 networks. It also details the deployment considerations to effectively design and architect secure IPv6 networks.



Sample Double Shot Security Presentations
Cyber Attacks on Estonia - Short Synopsis
Presented at NANOG40 2007
From late April to May 2007 the country of Estonia experienced a wide-scale cyber attack. This is a short synopsis of the events.


IPv6 - What Works... What Doesn't
Presented at the RIPE Conference 2006
IPv6 features and functionality are widely available in many shipping products. Yet, there are areas where improvements are necessary to create a more manageable and secure IPv6 network infrastructure. An overview of where things stand from a real-world deployment scenario is presented with a realistic view of what areas still need improvement.


Operational Security – Current Practices
Presented at the RSA Conference 2006
Deploying and operating your network infrastructures with appropriate security measures can be a daunting task. This presentation describes the currently deployed practices at most large ISPs.


Routing Security
Presented at the ISSA Conference 2004
This presentation enumerates the threats to the routing infrastructure and describes the fundamental strategies for securing your routing infrastructure with currently available technologies.


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